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Club Contact: Lise Govan – Ph. 0425 774 336
The following terms and conditions all apply to the hire of the Essendon Tennis Clubrooms and Amenities for all private functions. The committee reserves the right to reject any application unless completely satisfied that all conditions will be met.
1. Bookings must be made in advance on the standard form provided.
2. The clubhouse may only be hired by full/senior members of the Essendon Tennis Club. The clubhouse is not available for ‘youth only’ functions. Birthday parties shall be restricted to 21st and over.
3. Hire shall be between the hours of:
  • Friday to Saturday 7.00pm to 12.00am (or 1.00am with extended license)
  • Sunday 7.00pm to 12.00am
4. The cost of hiring the clubhouse shall be $200. A bond of $300 dollars is required at the time of booking. The bond shall be refunded within seven days after the function, if the committee is satisfied that the facilities have been properly cleaned and are undamaged.
5. After use floors are to be swept, mopped or vacuumed as required to return them to a clean condition. Cleaning equipment available from kitchen. Rubbish must be bagged, removed from internal bins and placed in external bins usually by the front gate.
6. The hirer will be responsible for the replacement and/or repair of the clubs facilities damaged as a result of the hirer’s function. In particular if the carpet is damaged and/or requires further cleaning the hirer will be contacted and required to come to the clubhouse to inspect the carpet. The hirer shall be responsible for the cost of carpet cleaning.
7. Strictly no BYO drinks allowed. A member or members of the committee shall control the sale of all drinks from the bar facilities in the clubhouse. Specific drinks can be obtained for sale over the bar by prior arrangement at the time of booking. If required the ETC committee will make application for an extended license (to 1.00am only) at the expense of the hirer.
8. Persons under the age of 18 shall not be served liquor and identification shall be required where there is doubt. Those persons adjudged to be intoxicated shall not be served liquor.
9. The clubhouse is strictly no smoking.
10. The hirer is responsible for the behaviour of guests and shall assign a responsible person to control entry to the clubhouse, providing where appropriate a list of invited attendees.
11. Any function associated with the club’s facilities shall not cause nuisance or annoyance to persons on surrounding properties. Amplified sound is not permitted to be heard beyond the club’s boundaries. The hirer is required to ensure that attendees leave the premises in a manner that will not adversely impact on adjoining residential areas.
12. Hire of the clubhouse and amenities does not include access too and use of the courts.
13. Setup and decoration of the clubhouse is the responsibility of the hirer. Decorations shall not include the use of nails, glues, sprays or other adhesives and must be removed completely and with care after use. All items of furniture and equipment are to be returned to storage or their previous positions after use.
14. Cleaning and rearrangement of furniture and facilities must take place at the completion of the function – not the following day. Other members will require use of the clubhouse early the next morning, particularly on weekends.
15. The hirer shall not do, neglect, permit or leave undone anything which will affect the club’s insurance policy or policies relative to fire or public risk in connection with the club’s facilities. The hirer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold indemnified the club and its Directors, Office bearers, staff, contractors in respect of any action, suit, claim and/or demand which may be made against the club.
16. The maximum number of persons attending the club for any function shall not exceed 120.
1. Continuous Boiling Water Unit.
2. Gas Stove with 5 plate Burner & Oven.
3. Microwave Oven.
4. Pie Warmer.
5. Refrigerator.
6. Limited Amounts of Crockery, Cutlery and Utensils as Provided.
1. Large Capacity Refrigerator.
2. Large Sink.
3. Dishwasher.