Australia’s largest inter club competition, Tennis Victoria Pennant, will commence 2021.
Player entry submissions to pennant secretary close Monday 15th February 2021
Clubs will be able to enter teams online from 22nd January 2021, with team nominations closing at 2 March 2021.
Maintenance and Ball Fees Applicable – See Competition Fees
Club Competition Contact: Lyn Robinson – Ph. 0400 072 825
Update From Essendon Tennis Club 21/04/2021.
Season Dates
The registration deadline is 11:59pm 2 March 2021. The season will run from 24/25 April for fourteen weeks, skipping Queens Birthday weekend (12/13 June) and the second and third weekends of winter school holidays (3/4 July and 10/11 July).
We will be using the Tennis Australia Rating System (TARS) as our primary grading method this season. This affects every player in our competition, so there is action to be undertaken for all players prior to the registration deadline. All players should create a login to Match Centre, if they do not have one already (well over 50% of all players already have one). Once they are logged in, they should search for their name, and merge any additional profiles that they have by clicking the blue button that says “Link Profile”. This will ensure their profiles have the most accurate rating and your teams will be placed in the most competitive grades. Here is a guide to request to merge profiles, showing the very basic steps with pictures.
This registration must be completed prior to the registration deadline of the 2 March 2021.
Trial Format for Men’s and Women’s Leagues
For 2021, our Men’s and Women’s leagues will see a trial change in the format as an adaption to the uncertainty of the pandemic. Instead of singles one week and doubles the next, singles and doubles will be played each week, adopting a similar format as Tennis Victoria’s Associations Junior League. Two eight-game sets will be played for both doubles rubbers, followed by four singles rubbers, played in a best-of-two set format, with a ten-point match tiebreaker instead of a full third. This is a similar format to what was going to be used for the cancelled 2020 season.
Essendon TC 2021 Tennis Victoria Pennant Teams
Pennant teams have now been approved and graded by Tennis Victoria. We wish all players an enjoyable and successful season. Represent your club with pride.
  • 9:00am start for Saturday AM Ladies
  • 1:00pm start for Saturday PM Mens
  • 1:00pm start for Saturday PM Mens and Ladies if Saturday AM matches are finished
  • 1:30pm start for Saturday PM Mens and Ladies otherwise (Saturday AM match must be completed by 1:30PM)
Please arrive at courts 15 minutes prior to starting times.
If playing at Essendon prepare courts prior to starting. If playing on en-tout-cas courts WATER WELL when necessary before during and after play and sweep the lines before play.
Players should be on court before start times and the first point should be played at the allocated start time: 9:00 am, 1:00 pm or 1:30 pm.
Afternoon tea will be optional this season, as many clubs are not ready to host teams after matches. However, if a host team is offering afternoon tea, we encourage away teams to partake. This is from Tennis Victoria and the ETC committee is yet to make a ruling on this.
Ladies Saturday AM
Essendon Grade 3 Section 1
  1. Carlynda Robinson
  2. Arrianne Daly
  3. Lyn Robinson (C)
  4. Alex Price
  5. Loris Daly
  6. Olivia Burke
  7. Lise Govan
Ladies Saturday PM
Essendon Grade 3 Section 3
  1. Carolyn Lucas (C)
  2. Kate Karanfilovski
  3. Minami Tan
  4. Lily Koleski
  5. Alannah Costas
  6. Valentina Velasco
  7. Megan Lucas
  8. Dalia Martinez Scidone
Essendon Grade 4 Section 3
  1. Daniella Yu
  2. Siena Fenech Murone
  3. Mia Bastianon
  4. Ella Fletcher (C)
  5. Maggie Fitcher
  6. Siya Kothapalli
  7. Sabrina Gauci
Men’s Saturday PM
Essendon Grade 3 Section 1
  1. Riley Fegan (C)
  2. Matt Conroy
  3. Carlin Grant
  4. Isai Torres
  5. Rhys Collins
  6. John Monaghan
Essendon Grade 6 Section 1
  1. Mitchell Robinson (C)
  2. Ben Dorrington
  3. Nick Schaffer
  4. Michael Mann
  5. Rob McDonald
Essendon Grade 8 Section 1
  1. Nick Damianopoulos
  2. Samuel Corbino
  3. Thomas Paneghal (C)
  4. Roy Wilkinson
  5. Daniel Holland
  6. Jensen Hancock
Men’s Sunday PM
Essendon Grade 9 Section 4
  1. Kai Di Mauro (C)
  2. Francesco Zaccari
  3. Adrian Zaccari
  4. Minidhu Weerasinghe
Please click the following link to the full fixtures for all of our 2021 entered teams.
Good Luck to all of our entered teams for the 2021 Season.