Report 2019 – 2020.
Welcome to the Annual General Meeting of the Essendon Tennis Club. This report will seek to highlight some of the clubs achievements over the past year, a year that can only be described as ‘extraordinary’. A year of Covid-19.
I am sure our members have had many challenges to deal with during this time and hope things are returning to normal as we come out of these restrictions.
The Essendon Tennis Club has had to endure club closure, no competition, no socialisation, financial hardship and isolation.
We look forward to a better 2021.
As of March this year, we witnessed the clubs activities coming to a near standstill; Competition was canceled, and but for few short periods, social tennis and Coaching ceased.
As a facility the committee have put in significant time to maintain our infrastructure at the highest standard.
Operations at the club for the last 6 months, when courts could be made available, were significantly enhanced by the use of the Book A Court system. Covid-19 rules meant that members utilising the courts could be monitored, including numbers allowed and personal details maintained.
Prior to March this year there were significant plans in place to upgrade courts 7 – 10. Sadly these plans were delayed. The only positive to be found is that a lack of play for the last six months has bought us a bit more time.
Disappointingly, although several grant applications were made during the past year, but for one small payment, the club has failed in accessing major funds for court upgrades. Further applications will be put forward in the New Year.
Thanks to Grants received late 2019 from the Essendon Football Club our men’s toilets were upgraded, a new sink and dishwasher installed in the Bar area and pathways next to courts 1-4 replaced.
Our Coaching team from Vida, headed by Ashleigh Richardson, had a great start to the year with summer camps, holiday programs and a full compliment of activities organised. Ashleigh has worked along side the Committee over the past six months to maintain the strictest Covid-19 rules. A big thanks to Ashleigh for understanding the situation we have been in and to continue great communication with their students.
Club membership over the past 12 months has remained steady. Only cessation of Covid-19 rules and the New Year will allow us to give a sense of future membership numbers. In relation to up and coming fees it will be brought up in general business.
Club Championships were canceled for 2020.
Whilst the junior competition started strongly in 2020, like all other components of competition it ceased in March 2020 but Matt and his committee are ready for the coming year and have informed their juniors.
Whilst most of the Committee have minimised their physical presence at the club over the past 6 months, many have continued to be involved in facility maintenance, administration and decision making particularly with regards to Covid-19 measures.
I would like to thank Lise Govan, Ray King, Lyn Robinson, Rosemary Hemsworth, Bev Plowman, Eileen Langwell and Bruno Alderuccio for their contribution.
I don’t like to stand people out but a special mention to the particular committee members;
  • Rhys Collins – for the hours has spent managing the Book a Court System and in particular for his Secretarial duties during this difficult time.
  • Michael Downey – who has coordinated the maintenance as well as doing much himself.
  • Lyndell Grech – the Treasurer, who continues to do an excellent job re management of our membership, funding and accounting systems.
  • Carly Robinson – who has kept us all informed via our website and our electronic notification system. I hope you have all enjoyed being informed with the electronic updates.
The beginning of 2020 witnessed a revival of membership and competition participation. Membership was on the increase, more people were on the courts and social atmosphere was on the up. Sadly, this came to a standstill with Covid-19.
If the beginning of year was pleasing, then with Covid-19 behind us, we look forward to an extra special year in 2021.
  • Courts 7 – 10 upgrade
  • Rebuilding of the hitting wall
  • More social activities at the club including:
  • More social competition
  • Regular Sunday social days
  • Trivia nights etc
I thank all members and fellow committee members for their support over the past year and hope that 2021 will see us return to a bigger and better operating tennis club.
Thank You
Jenny King.
Chairperson – Essendon Tennis Club.